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News Diving Medicine

DAN raises funds to develop decompression chamber network

Małgorzata Harasimowicz
Even if you don't need one today, who knows what will happen in the future? Divers Alert Network is calling on divers to support a campaign at the end of 2017 to help service and increase the number of hyperbaric chambers available...
News Free time Wrecks

Leamington diver awarded for research into 'City of Winchester' wreck

Gosia Harasimowicz
The oldest wreck of an English merchant ship that was sunk during the First World War by a German vessel has a keeper. Steve Dover, for his research over twenty years into the legendary wreck, has been awarded the BSAC (British Scuba...
News Free time Fauna Environment

California porpoise close to extinction

Gosia Harasimowicz
Ecologists in Mexico can only watch helplessly as the California porpoise disappears from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. At the moment, there are only about 30 of the species left in this body of water. It is unfortunate that this is the only ...
Africa News Training

South Africa's illegal pearl fishermen train to become divers

Małgorzata Harasimowicz
The community in Hangberg (near Cape Town) has lived from poaching for years. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation and modest equipment, they know the treacherous waters around Hout Bay like the back of their hand. Now they have the chance to use their...
News Free time Underwater photography Diving leisure time

Underwater photography - fairy-tale waters of Scotland

Gosia Harasimowicz
Janeanne Gilchrist likes to hunt for good light and an interesting frame. When the water turns bottle green and grey, she visits the sea with camera in hand. She is fascinated by movement - the gentle undulations of submerged structures, underwater life and...

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