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We will see you soon at the Diving Demo Days!

Tomasz Andrukajtis
On the last weekend of September (26-27) we see you at "Koparki"! Although the turbulence with the pandemic slightly thwarted the organizers and all those who planned to appear at the 2020 Diving Demo Days on the original date, but according to...
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Excavator diving base closed by sanitary inspectorate?

Tomasz Andrukajtis
In recent hours, there has been a lot of commotion about the closure of one of Poland's most popular diving sites - the Koparki quarry. The whole thing turned out to be just a joke, but it also showed how easily unconfirmed information can...
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Black weekend - accidents on the Hancza River and in "Koparki"

Tomasz Andrukajtis
The past weekend in the Polish diving community was marked by more accidents. The eyes of the entire community were turned towards Lake Garda in Italy, where Sebastian Marczewski died during an attempt to beat the record in the deepest dive, while on the...
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Popular diving sites "Zakrzówek" and "Koparki" raise prices

Tomasz Andrukajtis
The two most popular diving sites in Poland - Zakrzówek and Koparki quarries - have decided to raise their entrance prices. Now, visiting the biggest underwater attractions of Krakow and Jaworzno, we will have to reckon with the expense of 40 PLN and it is...
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Fire brigade rescues divers on "Diggers" - video

Tomasz Andrukajtis
On one of the most popular diving sites in Poland - "Koparki", there was a dangerous situation. During an ice dive, the belay rope connecting a group of divers to the surface broke. The local fire brigade took part in the rescue operation and helped the divers to...
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The bell from the Wilhelm wreck has disappeared, what happened?

Tomasz Andrukajtis
In recent days, information about the disappearance of a ship's bell from the wreck of the vessel "Wilhelm", resting at the bottom of the popular quarry "Koparki", has appeared in social media. Visitors to the dive site raised the alarm by reporting the absence of the distinctive object, as well as asking...
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Diving Demo Days in "Koparki" are getting closer!

Tomasz Andrukajtis
There is less and less time left until the season-opening Dive Demo Days. Already on Saturday 22 April 2017 the official opening of the diving season. The host of this year's first Demo Days event will be Via Sport Diving Marina "Diggers"....

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