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Tragedy on Zimnik, KGHM rescuer diver dead

Tomasz Andrukajtis
Last week, on Friday 22 May, a 37-year-old rescuer from the elite Mine Rescue Unit of the Sobin Mine Rescue Service died. The incident occurred during a diving section exercise in the disused Zimnik pit near Javorov in...
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"Diving is not a dangerous sport, but procedures and diving rules must be followed " - an interview with instructor Mariusz Wydro

Tomasz Andrukajtis
The first day of May, a calm afternoon, windy but without rain. A group of divers from Tarnobrzeg, together with their instructor, are preparing to return home from Krakow's "Zakrzówek" where they have been training their diving skills. The equipment is already...
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Do you already have an Emergency ID Card from the Safe Water Association?

Tomasz Andrukajtis
Think about it - on your last dive trip, whether for a weekend or longer, would your friends / dive partners / trip organisers if you were with a dive centre know who to inform if you suddenly ended up in hospital (not necessarily...

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