How to start diving

Prices of diving equipment.

Talking about diving we very often come across the question: How much does the equipment for a diver cost? In order to give you an answer, we have prepared an illustrative list of diving equipment.

A complete diving set consists of many elements, and each of them we can buy in different price ranges. In this list, we will present you with the ranges you will meet on the market.

Summing up all the elements, we can buy a basic diving set at a price ranging from 5.100 PLN to 14.400 PLN . The equipment listed below is only a base, which will suffice us at the very beginning of our underwater career, and with our further development, we will have to supplement it with other items.

Breathing apparatus with an octopus and a manometer - from PLN 1,100 to PLN 2,600
Jacket - from 1,100 zlotys to 2,800 zlotys
Diving cylinder - from 1,050 pln to 1,500 pln
Diving ballast - from pln 250 pln to pln 500
Depth indicator / diving computer - from pln 390 to pln 4,500
ABC -from pln 270 to pln 1,000
Diving foam - from pln 700 to pln 1,700

The prices given are only indicative and may look slightly different in reality. We can also choose another configuration, consisting for example of a wing instead of a jacket, or a dry suit instead of a wetsuit, which will fundamentally change the price, but it is not recommended for beginners to use such equipment.

An alternative to buying a whole set is to rent equipment in a diving centre or a diving base, we can also, in the case of some things, decide to buy used ones from a diver friend or via the internet.

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