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RAID introduces free Zero FEe-Membership

RAID Zero FEe-Membership

RAID, the organisation that trains and certifies divers, dropped a real bomb today! Browsing through their official social media channels, it's impossible to pass by the latest announcement. Well, all professional members and dive centres affiliated with RAID will receive a free Zero FEe-Membership!

It is standard for dive instructor organisations, divemasters and dive centres that train and certify divers to charge a membership fee. Meanwhile, RAID has come out ahead and offered a completely new and unprecedented model. Starting today, Zero FEe-Membership will probably be the hottest topic in the diving world in the coming days.

At a time when the diving world has still not recovered from the havoc caused by COVID, the benefits of not charging a teaching fee to an agency are obvious and far-reaching. The power of Zero-FEe membership is a paradigm shift and thus an appreciation for being professional and for supporting our agency.

There are bound to be claims that this is the wrong way to go down, but the people behind RAID seem confident. According to them, paid membership has become a serious obstacle for many diving instructors. By withdrawing membership fees, RAID is trying to secure its future. They believe that their initiative is not only applicable in case of a pandemic, but also in case of many other global problems.

In the diving industry, Dive RAID International wants to be regarded as a leader in innovation, and this radical move is proof of that. It is also a dramatic change in the rules of the game and unprecedented behaviour from such a large entity.

Many organisations talk about business support, but it all ends with words. We believe that some real form of financial support is essential. We want to help our members to be able to function and be successful.

RAID Zero FEe-Membership is the latest initiative from Dive RAID International and another out-of-the-box move. In times of pandemic, the organisation has already introduced, among other things FREEe-Learning and a number of business support programmes for its members. Free learning theory online courses have opened up access to training material to all RAID members. This includes divers, instructors and dive centres. This has had a visible effect in maintaining interest in diving during a very difficult period.

You can find out more about Zero FEe-Membership and RAID membership rules from your local RAID representatives.

Read more about RAID in the interview with Paul Toomer published in Issue 4 the DIVERS24 quarterly magazine! The digital version of the magazine is available free of charge, while the printed version you can buy in our e-shop.

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